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Why should we listen to the Specialists and not "the science"?

COVID-19: A Second Opinion

Senator Ron Johnson brought together a collection of highly respected and well known Immunologists, Psychologists, Virologists, Epidemiologists and medical practitioners at the top of their game.

Names you may recognize:

- Dr. Ryan Cole

- Dr. Peter McCullough

- Dr. Robert MalonE

- Dr. Richard Urso

You can get your news and information wherever you like. You can get it from the preplanned questions and curated answers that the White House displays on the daily.

You can listen to main stream media and the narrative that they have been painting for the last couple years. Or you can listen to the guidance of the CDC who is specifically in bed with the pharmaceutical companies telling you what you should and should not do.

Or you can choose a different path, the path of listening to conversations, open conversations that are real, that are honest and that are coming from perspectives of some of the best medical specialists on the planet, who have existed in their fields of specialty from 10 to 60 years. There are tens of thousands of these specialists from around the world that have cared enough to make their voices heard in the face of scrutiny, de-platforming and literally risking their livelihoods on the daily to get real first-hand information and experience out there to those with ears to hear and eyes to see 👀

It’s becoming more clear by the day that the picture that has been painted by those who intend a very dreadful and traumatic narrative, have one thing in common. Those with the highest governance in the land, they who wear titles of leadership but no barely the meaning of being a leader, want you to be afraid, they know that suffering is rooted in fear and neglect. They know that the longer they can get people to believe the lies they have peddled, the less free thinkers there will be and the more compliance they will achieve. The motives of their dictates are quite crystal clear at this point. To affect society as a whole in such a way that through many mechanisms of disabling how our infrastructure once functioned, (however already not so well) if they can destroy it even further, the populace will cry out for help at some point, and they will be there to seemingly save the day.

How do we as an intelligent race not see the problem here?

This is not just absurd this is a cluster fuck

Thankfully their plans are backfiring on the daily. How moronic Omicron has become as a fast fuse burning explosive lacking any real affective fuel for its fire. It spreads quickly, but with a murmur and a whimper for nearly all who are exposed to it. It seems it’s just what we’ve been waiting for, something nothing or no one can stop, but has barely any negative affects related to what we’ve been dealing with During this very upside down and backwards time we find ourselves in.

Original Video found here:

Full panel discussion is 5 1/2 hours and the main conversation start around 40 minutes in:

Do remember if someone suggests that a specialist is supposedly misleading or if they question why they may have so much bad press, that anyone can be slandered easily. It is one of the only options left for MSM to attempt to smear that person or group as much as possible, thereby lessening the positive affect of the information in question that is being shared. My suggestion in this case is to have the person search for any negative publicity or instances that existed before 2020. If they find none, then there's your sign. We now live in an era where the only option left to control the chosen narrative is to attempt de-platforming any individuals who may threaten and derail the procession towards a goal that only "THEY" can imagine.

In courageous Truth may we find ourselves, our hearts and our heads, to see through the deception which attempts to convince you of that which feels not in alignment.

in Love & Light

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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Feb 01, 2022

Very Informative Video Azmyth. A telling video testament to the importance of democracy acting against seeming tyrannical objectives.

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