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Updated: Feb 1

Get The 1st POPOLOGIST® POPmessiah™ Trading Card as an NFT

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POPOLOGY® Marketplace and How It Works Guidelines

NFT? NFT stands for non-fungible tokens (a smart contract standard) tokens which are hosted on waves’s own blockchain. NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items. As an artist, by tokenizing your work you both ensure that it is unique and brand it as your work. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed.

  • What does “minting” mean? The process of tokenizing your work and creating an NFT (see above).

  • Can I create an NFT on WWW.POPOLOGIST.ORG without putting it on sale? Yes, you can and it is up to you if you decide to sell it later or not.

  • Can I change the price of an already created collectible? Absolutely, you can lower the price free of transaction costs at any time. You just need to sign the signature request via your wallet.

  • Can I gift or send a collectible to someone? Yes, just go on the detail page of a collectible you own, open the “...” menu and select “transfer token”

  • What does “burn a token” mean? The ERC-721 standard does not only allow the creation of NFTs, but also includes a possibility to destroy them - i.e. burning the token. This can only be functioned at our host blockchain

  • Do you have a Visual integration? Yes, you can view the collectibles you have created on on The Book Of POP Royalty Pages manage them there as well. Additionally, it is possible to list your collectibles on our

  • What is “unlockable content”? As a content creator, you can add unlockable content to your collectibles, that only becomes visible after a transfer of ownership (i.e. selling or gifting your NFT). Artists use this feature to include high res files, making ofs. videos, secret messages etc.

  • How does the royalty system work? Whenever you create a collectible you can set a certain percentage as royalty for secondary sales. Example: You create a digital painting and sell it for 0.2 ETH, the royalty is 10 percent. Your buyer then sells your painting at a higher price point for double the ETH. Here, the royalty system kicks in. As the original content creator you receive 10% of that sale, being 0.05 ETH. NB: Royalties set on The Book Of POP don’t carry over to at the moment. However, the team is working on a cross-platform royalties implementation.

  • I would like to suggest additional features! You can do this here:

  • Can I report an artwork or collectible? Yes, go on the detail page of the token you want to report, click on the “...” button and select “Report”.

  • What is verification? Verified badges are granted to creators and collectors that show enough proof of authenticity and active dedication to the marketplace. We are looking at multiple factors such as active social media presence and following, dialogue with community members as a POPOLOGIST®, and number of minted and sold items.

  • How to get a "verified" badge? You need to submit:

    1. Filled-in profile on user pic + cover + custom link

    2. Links to at least 2 social media profiles What we're looking for is active social media presence with a history, sharing your artworks, participating in the community. Large followers base is a plus. Mass-following raises questions.

    3. Behind the screens/work in progress If you're a creator, show us the backstage of the work process on one of the minted items. If you’re a collector and it's not applicable, we will take a look at the items you previously purchased.

    4. The story behind your account Tell us about yourself! Why are you on POPOLOGY®? What are you selling/collecting? What is the concept of your art?

  • It's been a while and I don't get verified. Why? If you're not verified within a week since submitting your request, most likely you didn't provide enough information, or your POPOLOGIST® account is not active enough. Please note that the team reserves the right to not grant the verified badges without further explanation, as we are starting to receive many requests on a daily basis. Really. However, don't let it discourage you! The verified badge is not the key to success on the BOOK OF POP marketplace. Fill in your profiles, make more content entries or POPOLOGY®coin purchases, and try one more time later. Good luck!


  • What is POPOLOGY® governance system? How does it work? The ultimate goal of POPOLOGY® & POPOLOGIST® is to evolve into a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where all governance and decision rights belong to the platform users. By providing creators and collectors with the opportunity to propose and vote on platform upgrades, we make sure that the platform becomes a public good, responsive directly to its community members. On POPOLOGY®, you have a voice, and your voice is heard.

  • I’m a POPOLOGY® / POPOLOGIST® user. Can I share my idea/proposal? We encourage self expression on any matter: whether you have an idea or a concern, if you want to support a project or disagree with others — share, express, and push it. Every opinion is counted, heard and valued.

  • I have an idea. Where should I start? Got an idea? Awesome –– now, go advocate! Initiate a discussion and contact us. Convince other participants to support you, get them to express their voice & upvote. Employ feedback. Make sure that your proposal will make the platform better for everyone.

  • How to submit my proposal? 1) Come up with an idea. Promote it Got an idea? Awesome –– now, go advocate! Initiate a discussion .

  • 2) Create your proposal pitch in posts. (Remember Ideas Are Protected on the BLOCKCHAIN)

    • Choose the right tags, clear title, and make sure there is no ongoing or rejected proposal on the same subject already.

    • Proposal Category: Platform development / new features Moderation Community / governance Technical upgrades

    • Describe your proposal

    • Summary [what is being proposed?]

    • Motivation [why do you want this implemented? how will the POPOLOGIST® community benefit from it? offer convincing arguments]

    • How can it be implemented? How difficult is it?

    • Other points to consider, pictures and images

  • Mention your credentials & the number of POPOLOGIST® Royalty TRADING CARDS you hold for other community members. To submit an official proposal, you can't be anonymous. 3) Get feedback from the team If your idea clicked with the community, and we see active interest and feedback, the request is granted the "proposal candidate" status. At this point, the team evaluates if implementing the idea is technically possible at the moment. 4) Vote The proposal is put for a final vote.

POPOLOGY®coin & POPtoken™

  • What is POPOLOGY®coin, and why is it being distributed? POPOLOGY®coin is the native governance utility token of the NFT BOOK OF POP marketplace on, designed to reward active platform users with a voice on the platform's future. As we are growing in numbers and expanding our presence on the market, we decided to take a shift towards becoming a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization. POPtoken™ has been created to give POPOLOGIST® community the fractionalized power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation.

  • How is POPOLOGY®coin & POPtoken™ distributed? The majority (60%) of POPOLOGY®coin & POPtoken™ total supply is reserved for sellers and buyers on blockchain. 50,000,000 of each tokens are created and available to back any NFT on the BOOK OF POP

  • To kick-start the token launch, we are also conducting an I.C.O. worth $350,000.00 for aquisition.

  • Who is eligible to receive gifted POPOLOGY®coin? In order to participate, you have to be either 1) an active POPOLOGIST® users or 2) to own NFTs with a price — meaning that you should have bought them on our platform or invest an offering to the POPOLOGY® campaign / venture.

  • What do I need to do to receive POPOLOGY®coin or POPtoken™? You can't purchase our tokens on POPOLOGY® yet. — it can only be earned by active participation on the platform, or you can purchase and set up a digital wallet on the blockchain.

  • I own NFTs. Can I receive payments? Short answer: yes. 10% of the total POPOLOGY®coin supply is distributed among NFT holders. In order to participate, you have to own NFTs with a price — meaning that you should have bought them on any platform that records data on-chain (on a marketplace, in a game pre-sale, etc).

  • What rights do I have as a POPOLOGY® Book OF POP NFT holder? The key part of token holder rights is to have influence and control over the TRADING CARD development. Beware If community wants it — everything is possible. As BOOK OF POP ROYALTY PAGE NFT holder, you are entitled to:

    1. Submit on proposals about:

    2. POPOLOGY® NFT trading fees

    3. new POPOLOGIST® features to be developed or implemented by our team

    4. the use of POPOLOGY® to further decentralize the governance and development of POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors globally!

    5. Vote on proposals

    6. Moderate creators on POPOLOGY® & POPOLOGIST® portals.

    7. Curate featured artworks

    8. Make a name for yourself!

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