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Senate Bill 4090 Gives big pharma & fda Authority over Natural supplements

Rather excited to share my very first newspaper article, just released in the July issue of The Flame USA!

You can find it in the wellness section on pg. 9, I share a very unspoken about subject, S.4090.


The FDA is preparing to make the biggest power grab it’s ever attempted. By all our collective means it will not pass, they shall not pass. They’re arrogance and interest in control knows no bounds. And we are here to tell them they have no place to make the decisions for what we choose for our health.


Grab a newspaper wherever you can or you can pick one up for me.


If you don’t know about the flame USA yet, it is one of the very few News sources in print in the US that tells real stories by real people and specialists around the country, our fellow Americans unafraid to speak their mind and tell the truth!


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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jul 17, 2022

Right On. Good Work Azmyth. This shall not pass.

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