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POP Messiah® Teaches Brands To Bow To You!

POP MESSIAH® is a teacher who will educate you on how the brands and corporations are to bow to you.

Also a POPOLOGY®coined term for any living public figure whom's audience count exceeds the Global POPULATION, (many times over). This is MODEST. identifying with Madonna, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah, Jay Z, maybe even YOU!


'I say things among the thunder.

I say things that make you wonder.

The Who, the What, the Where, and the Why.

It is I, a ghastly guy, provoking (sigh) try.

To invent consent and prevent dissent.

I have a lot of proof of how weird I am.

Accept our POPOLOGY® and everything can be correct, easier to direct, to serve and protect.

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