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We are beginning to see a turn in the tide, for as many countries like Australia and Austria who continue to tighten their hold on societal mechanisms, there are just as many realizing the futility of this era's erroneous actions.

For those of you who were courageous and rational enough to hold out, we applaud you!

For those who decided to abide by what the government told them to do and got the jab, we are here for you as we have been this entire time. We will all get through the confusion and the backpedaling and the continuation of detrimental and intentional disinformation.

My suggestion, get it while you can, while it’s seemingly just a hiccup and a stutter for most. Get whatever natural immunity you can so that your system has been fortified and your bodies constitution Is that which can fend off the majority of things that we deal with on the daily as human beings.

The vaccine passes and track/tracing are going to fall to the wayside and we will soon see things turn the corner, however they still have some tricks up their sleeve. Although things are on the upswing, don’t expect the governors of the United States to loosen their grasp anytime soon on the increasing control that they attempt to usurp on the daily.

We are beginning to see a glimmer of lights at the end of the tunnel of this disastrous moment in history. Trust me when I say, that for however damaging and destructive the mandates and course of measures have been, the people of earth needed a wake up call to start getting back to nature and finding ourselves once again as an amazingly abundant and creative species upon this planet!


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