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We Will Leave The Light On!

In these dark nights of multiplicitous neffarious attacks on our POP Culture, here is a popological update:

The POPOLOGY® Partners have been in several meetings with the largest technology and content company in the United States, headquartered in Philadelphia to generate a global commercial scale of our beta software which will assist the whole of humanity to earn and be educated on opportunities media offers, yet no one has told you how.

Additionally in the Education Sector we are in Affiliate Partnership talks with Media Literacy Now who lobby and legislate for Information and Media Literacy to be taught in K-12 classrooms in every state of our country. Our software is identified as a classroom tool that can deliver the already ratified precepts of legislation and more. New Jersey is official with 1.3 million children to POPOLOGIZE if all goes well.

There is a dark force out for bamboozling our children of their innocence far too early. POPOLOGY® will garner access to them as a light in the dark ages of media. You have my word. We will leave the light on!

Now is a great time to invest in our venture. Tax deductible and good for all of human kind. Please share.

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