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We Miss You Sir With Love! Sidney Poitier

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

His voice. His bearing. His dignity.

His immense talent. How could anyone not love & respect this charming, beautiful man. A class act all the way. Such a loss.We need more examples of the best of humanity like he was ,not the many crass people we are forced to look up to today. This man exuded major grace. God bless him. To Sir, with our love.

He truly is the embodiment of elegance. I never get tired of listening to him speak. I watched Lilies of The Field last night, his performance is mesmerizing. Let’s all honor him by watching his films, his interviews, keeping his memory alive. May his work continue to touch the lives of future generations.

They'll never be another soul like him. The entire world of cinema owes a debt of gratitude to the gentleman Mr. Sidney Poitier. He transcends into various forms of the arts. Let his life be an example for the upcoming youth in the industry, not just in film arts but all forms of art.

The trailblazing actor-director Sidney Poitier died this week at age 94. In tribute we present Lesley Stahl's remarkable profile, first broadcast on "Sunday Morning" on May 12, 2013, in which the Academy Award-winner talks about a career built on memorable characters who exhibited dignity, intelligence, and moral courage.

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