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Want your vote to count?

Politics always seem to be painful in some way...

Sadly the so-called "choices" we are given are not really choices at all. At least that's what I can gather from reading the instructions on the primary ballots which are being mailed out currently.

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Not only are there candidates on the ballots that have dropped out of the race & are no longer contenders, there's also of course no 3rd or 4th party options. RFK is not on the ballot, which means if your an independent, you get no choice. Marianne Williamson is one of the only women who WAS running for president who was finally an actually good choice in the field of possibly having a female president, however she dropped out a few weeks back as well. The problem I have with these sham choice ballots is the fact that you are forced to pick a side, (democrat or republican) and then if your party choice is different then the candidates party you want to vote for, your vote will not count. Who is to to tell you that you can't be a republican voting for a democrat or a democrat voting for a republican!? We should be able to vote for whomever the hell we want and choose whatever illusory party we want to side with.

Maybe you can see as well as I can the problems with this archaic money driven fabricated & completely biased political system of voting. Part of the sickness that continues to rot our beautiful country which the "Wannabe Leaders" & "False Authority" use to divide We The People so that we do not gather together even in small enough numbers to take our country back from the insidious looming powers that be.

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Feb 26

i totally agree!

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