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As a teacher, when thinking about the question, “What does popular mean to me?”,

I first and foremost think of it from an educator standpoint. Being popular, especially in the context of teaching, embodies the art of being a guiding light that students are drawn to.

It means having a presence that radiates approachability and wisdom, fostering an environment where students feel comfortable engaging with both the subject matter (in my case- dreaded mathematics! Lol) and the instructor.

Popularity isn’t just about being liked; it’s about being an inspirational figure who sparks curiosity, encourages participation, and earns respect through effective communication and a genuine passion for imparting knowledge.

A popular teacher isn’t solely focused on being well-liked, but on creating an educational journey that leaves a lasting impact on students’ lives. That’s what “popular” means to me.

Progress Learning! My list is filled with fun & engaging incentives & prizes for my students to motivate them on tests, classwork, & behavior! I’d love to give them prizes as they level up on Education Galaxy! But there are a lot of students so I’d need a lot of prizes

Special Thanks to the many Sponsors of #ClearTheList Participants to my Classroom!

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