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The POPOLOGIST® Trading Card Collection DEDICATED TO OUR Likenesses!


"A Science & Spiritually Minded Professional Seeking To Define The True Measure Of Popular In The Media Landscape!"

Yes, we have our work cut out for us, Indeed! Yet do Not Be Overwhelmed POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors. We Can Do It!

This Is One Of The Ways How!

Please create Your Unique Profile with a Sumptuous Picture of You To Start With! Profiles With No Self-Image is a bit Imposter-ish!

Next write a Bio, Maybe put a bit more oomph in it than you might for facebook, and more relaxed than LinkedIn.

The only thing left to do after that is make Posts about you!

If you are experiencing writers block, (we all do on occasion, Even Me!) You can always explore "What is your POPULAR?", or "what does popular mean to you?" Our Enterprise is founded on this Motif so be brave, be bold, Be POPTIMIZED to Feed OUR REVOLUTION!

Our Sponsors Will Want To SEE THINK & DO Endorsements for your presentations! You have My Word On This! POPOLOGY is formatted for confident self expression, and most importantly, mentorship identities KIDS will dig & Moms will Approve! Even Yours No Matter How grown up you think you Already are!

No Joke, WE take your image seriously!

Now imagine your mug on a mug and YOUR OWN POPOLOGIST® TRADING CARD On the Global Market. This POP Collection will be hand made by either 1st POPOLOGIST®, GraffitI Clothes, OR IPC The fantastical & POPOLOGICAL Graphic & Image Designers of POPOLOGY®!

Our Trading Cards will be sourced for fundraising, Raising awareness, and most importantly Raising Eyebrows To Your Purpose in life! Whether it be Teaching kids, Writing recipes, Plastering walls, or knocking down the walls that box us in, your story matters to POPOLOGY®!

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Is my ready for a trading card?

Joe Rey
Joe Rey

Quincy Can I use the Art for Black Bucket Puppetry? The art with the bucket? email me what you want your isedntity to be at



As a teacher, when thinking about the question, “What does popular mean to you?”, I first and foremost think of it from an educator standpoint. Being popular, especially in the context of teaching, embodies the art of being a guiding light that students are drawn to. It means having a presence that radiates approachability and wisdom, fostering an environment where students feel comfortable engaging with both the subject matter (in my case- dreaded mathematics! Lol) and the instructor. Popularity isn’t just about being liked; it’s about being an inspirational figure who sparks curiosity, encourages participation, and earns respect through effective communication and a genuine passion for imparting knowledge. A popular teacher isn’t solely focused on being well-liked, but on creating…

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