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"Send In The Clowns" on strings

Watch This Adorable POPOLOGY® Puppet Show Theatre Piece Starring Authentic 1960s Marionettes from Pelham Puppets imported from England.

Each handcrafted String Puppet is from our Founders personal collection from his childhood.


The POPOLOGY® Academy for Media Arts, Incorporated (PAFMA), a non-profit organization [501(c) (3)] is implemented on the premise to educate all scholars about the impact that pop culture has on today’s society. We are the foundation to provide scholars with lifelong skills and real-world learning experiences that they can apply to their lives. Scholars will engage in real-time, engaging project-based assignments/activities while developing communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills. They will pursue inquiry-based critical thinking, and problem-solving in order to take on and understand complex open-ended topics and issues. These tools provide the framework for exceptional and creative expression of content.


POPOLOGY® is a Class 41 United States/International Trademark for Media Literacy. Education services, namely providing live and online classes in the field of media literacy and confident self-expression. Registration Number: 5,145,179

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