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is known as a “POPOLOGIST®”. This user can choose or create their own “AVATAR” in the early configuration signup process. Identities can be uploaded as gifs or chosen from our “AVATAR Library”. Secondly “Super Users” whom pay a premium can explore the POPOLOGY® Universe (virtual real-estate) outside of their POPsphereTM workspace. This user can choose from hundreds of environments to be part of a virtual community, (ie NYC PHILADELPHIA, Singapore etc) or have their extend “environ” be a scale-able object or customized space (ie TRUCK, eyeball, Carnival, or massive Black hole in space). Traveling to another POPOLOGY® POPsphereTM can happen in one of two ways. In Order To MICRO-LICENSE™ another POPOLOGIST® content, a simple tele-transport to the desired POPsphereTM (requiring a few POPtoken™ for gas funding) or by way of game travel transport in under the time allocated by the proposed POPOLOGY® geo-map of the logged on POPOLOGIST® Community in their POPsphere™. (FYI Your Avatar can host guests even when you are not tonline via your instructions left to (your AVATAR) to explore and exploit your content inside of your POPsphere™). When you chose to travel in gameplay mode via walking, driving, or flying you will be challenged by distractions that can earn you more POPtokens™ or cost you some, or all. Be timely though or you will quickly be in debt to the system which will cut into your next day allowance of 1000 POPtoken™ daily, and deduct from the previous days tardiness or losses...

Each POPOLOGIST® chooses an AVATAR,

a 3d Apron Environment (that defines their personal popular) and a Dashboard skin theme that compliments their identities passions. Customizability is the idea, and for a small POPtoken™ price, a POPOLOGIST® can change their identity as much as they wish. The longer your identity remains the more credits of credible popular you will receive. Senario If POPOLOGIST® Beauty Betty in Virtual Philly desires to travel to see their POPOLOGIST® buddy Allen Alien in deep space Black Hole / area 9, the travel on the POPOLOGY® geo-map is as example = 240 virtual hectare, requiring approximately 1 POPtoken per 50 Hectares for average speed gas, and should take a game play of 9 minutes to get there. If Beauty Betty maps her travel with the best methods she will earn free travel plus encounter other earnings she can choose on the way. (TBD). Essentially she “stakes” 5 POPtoken™ to “mine” maybe 50 or more POPtoken™ (just for visiting a friend) Hectare, unit of area in the metric system equal to 100 ares, or 10,000 square meters, and the equivalent of 2.471 acres / Models of Apron Environs are sourced from the TRIMBLE 3d Warehouse API​​​ Avatars from & Free 3d Avatar Models at​​ (Free 3d Models) The main point of travel to other POPOLOGIST® POPsphere™ is to interact with their content galleries and learn personal details that you are invited to see. You can also “MICRO-LICENSE™” content not available to everyone on a personal avatar visit. APRON ENVIRON SIZES are standardized as 1 hectares all directions of the exterior of your POPsphereTM. For CITY DWELLERS (like PHILLY, NYC, Singapore etc,) Credits are given for community scaling and population of neighborhoods. For extreme users who desire massive scale or micro scale these are also available. Everyone is essentially visible for their popular!

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