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PROPAGANDA ~ Drinking Poison: Using Turpentine For Health?

It's always intriguing to find an article where you're mentioned that you haven't seen before.

Here's the original video that got me on CBS

The CBS interview that was, (I felt personally) the best sharing of information on one subject that I've ever done & they used about 10 seconds of it. silly wabbitz!

All I can say in closing, is that Turpentine as with anything should be used in moderation. I went extreme only to show that it was safe, Do your own research, trust your gut & don't just listen to "specialists". Often times in this new understanding that we're beginning to REAL-LIES, that which has been taught to us through all the wannabe authoritative systems which tell us what's right and what's dangerous. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT"S RIGHT, except you! Of course we can be wrong as well, so be extremely discerning. However, the deeper you dig, the more you will begin to realize that most of this reality is a lie. It's okay, to know that we've been lied to, it's all part of the wakeup plan!

Try things... and be gentle on yourself, for we're all learning together here!

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
30 jul 2022

Very Great Post. We will mint this as a newsworthy NFT!

Me gusta
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