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POPOLOGY® Is A Fun Raiser!

“POP” by mainstream standards, is often considered a silly medium,

favored by hormonal schoolchildren, and connected up with delinquent, and tediously bizarre behavior, projected onto the masses. POP is also the most seductive force the world has ever known.

POP has more, and more devoted adherents, than all the religions put together. POP is more deeply loved more trusted, as a constant companion in our joys, and sorrows. POP has overcome the romantic hang-up about the one unique creator, POP knows that the most intimate heartfelt results, may be the outcome of a large scale Institutional collaboration.

The big ambition is in “OLOGY”, implication to understand ourselves, and transform the world through good ideas, yet manifest.

POPOLOGY® is a socially immersive, culture language,

applied to an innovative technology platform, that allows users the ability to Micro-License™, remix, and gamify copyrighted content, legally, in a POPcast™!

POPOLOGY® Is Literally The Center Of Your Digital Universe™! An entertaining web portal into mass-media education. Pinpoint your popular, by creating and sharing a unique POPcast™ in The POPsphere™, as a CERTIFIED POPOLOGIST®!

"POPOLOGY® is the 21st century approach to education, providing a platform to access, analyze, evaluate, create and earn with popular messages in a variety of forms — from print to video to the Internet. POPOLOGY® builds an understanding to the role of media in society, as well as essential skills of inquiry,and self-expression necessary for citizens of a democracy." Joe Rey

A heightened user interface, & immersive technology, content delivery platform, for all ages, and skillset. 8 to 80 has always been the plan since the POPOLOGY® inception in 2001.

Explore creativity, and earn an assortment of popular crypto coins. You decide what is popular, and monetize it with Virtual currency, for being social!

POPOLOGY® App will help its users, as more creative, and free them up, from the tedious, everyday drudgery, of traditional social media, and how they would love to make money, engaging in an app that worked this easily, and fun. POPOLOGY® is freedom to express, share ideas easily, packaged in a slick user interface, which is intuitive, and does all the work for you (AI).

POPOLOGY® IS SEE, THINK & DO You Better!™ Always UNIVERSAL, & READY TO FLIRT COMMERCIAL!™ CAN BE CONTAGIOUS IF YOU ARE OUTRAGEOUS! ™ Make Your List, POPOLOGIST®!™ Enlist Your Formula Of Fun!™ YOU DONT KNOW YOU, UNTILL YOU POPOLOGY®! ™ Your Study And Science Of POPULAR.™ The Benefits Of POPOLOGY® Networks App: We are a pragmatic venture, to what we see, & say it we will be! #1 picking your own adverts to a POPcast #2 we will portal (api content) all SM platforms. Greater access & visibility, #3 blockchain ledgering, & content earnings, are real with our platform. # 4 only experienced media people could conceive of these advances in think-tanking gamification of POPULAR, as original content! Media Literacy never looked so good. A gamified approach to social media, and messaging what is important to you in a 3 minute up to 2hour POPcast™, that invigorates your point of view, and even earn you unto $200. Imagine Twitter, InstaGram, FB, Youtube feeds, immediately supporting your claims on any video, real time, and crypto sponsored by the brands you place, just like a broadcast executive in your pocket, yet in an app, … & AI making you exposure & montization, for being good with your stories! POPOLOGY® Networks is a portal into mass-media education, with the objective of aiding the population, towards paths of self-discovery. Coinciding with a marketable medium, subsequently inspiring participants to master their identity. Company Profile POPOLOGY® is a global decentralized content & licensing platform, on the blockchain, powered by POPokens™ & Digital POPwallets™. A social media POPcasting™ platform, that pays you to share, and place choice branded media from an assortment of your own SM platforms accessed in the POPShere™. Create your own POPmercials™ for others to micro-license your original content to a mass audience. Own your data & STAR WARS too!, in this private data world of other social media platforms selling your content, for their gain, & try to sell you un-relevant ads. POPOLOGY® you own all POPcast™ content, (for duration of tokenization) and leverage placement of the brands you want, or have brand loyalty for, and they will pay you, any micro-licensing fees, & your audience. After users of POPOLOGY® complete the “sign up” process and establish their username or “handle”, they will receive access to uploading content as licensable media on the POPOLOGY® Networks blockchain, and deployable to a tool clad feature set on each POPcast®. Our site will introduce power of convenience to our patrons the, sophisticated; ledger-ed, (on the POPOLOGY® blockchain), and track- able content with proprietorship, by offering a menu of bundled choices under 1 subscription. Social Media sites will also be modulated into tiled “Continents”, then curated into the POPOLOGY® POPshere™ custom dashboard, allowing friends, and new audience members to chat and communicate live, as they have a shared experience with their content’s broadcast choices. Check out this 3d Model of a wireframe of the POPsphere™! POPtoken™ is the Virtual Currency on POPOLOGY® POPtoken™ is the currency for payout transactions calculated by the transactions as the in app currency of MICRO-Licensing™, or POPcasting™ Audience Pay-outs, & return in POPtokens, tradeable on your choice of crypto: paid by commercial spot sponsorships to POPULARIZE YOUR POPCAST® MEDIA. POPOLOGY® Networks aims to be a place where people can create posts and comments regarding Lite Coin, Media Coin, Royalty Coin, Bitcoin, and other Popular Altcoin related topics. Advertisers are encouraged to purchase POPtokens™ for participation. Open Source 100% Open Source Available for Anyone to View and Make Improvements to the Source Code.

Decentralized The POPOLOGY® Network is facilitated by its users and is available throughout the entire global structure. POPtoken™ Blockchain Security for: online data storage “Cloud n’ Chain” charity donations secured original content licensing, music, illustrations, graphics, culinary recipes, photos, video, poems, and other media products. Retail transactions in avatar pop-up shops for merchandisecrowd-funding and investment startups Explore Transactions The POPOLOGY® blockchain of transactions is open for anyone to view and verify.

Security Encrypt your Digital POPwallet™ with a private key or passphrase to ensure that your POPtokens™ are Safe. Invest in POPOLOGY®! POPOLOGY® will achieve the following goals to ensure and successful start-up phase: Investment Structure POPOLOGY seeks $50,000.00 for required minimum development and start-up and costs. All funds will be dedicated appropriately to the various departments outlined in the attached expense breakdown. These funds will allow POPOLOGY® to solidify itself as an industry innovator, and thus allow a firm and healthy pursuit of a second and larger capital raise.

Exit Strategy: All funds are repaid for the first 2 years at no interest; the owner of the shares cannot sell them or collect dividends for the first two years while being repaid. 50% of all profits will go towards repaying investment funds. After 2 years the interest goes to 10% (if not repaid) and the shares are open for sale and to collect dividends.

The Team First POPOLOGIST® & Founder Joe Rey, President & Co-Founder Dan Rush,

Published by Joe Rey 1st POPOLOGIST® @ POPOLOGY®!

POPOLOGY® is Figured Out. How can millions of people actually own a piece of POP Culture, and promote thier own voices and little dogs too? You are correct and not in Kansas any more, nor a fragile, easily aggravated little girl in the Wild World Of Media. POPOLOGY® is See, Think, & Do You Better!

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