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POPOLOGY® Academy Is Reaching New Benchmarks

In the words of founder Joe Rey, "POPOLOGY® is founded as the science of the peoples popular, which is the consistent inquiry and research of what is most approved by the masses and the individual. These metrics are usually coveted by brands and corporations in their search for profits yet rarely are these metrics seen as a public access commodity with the power to evoke social change.

POPOLOGY® also recognizes that“media literacy” is the essential pathway to balance and toward an understanding of the premise of what is popular. The teaching of media literacy and infusing this knowledge as a lifestyle is required in today's aggressive media landscape.

POPOLOGY® Academy For Media and the Arts (PAFMA Inc) will help students to overcome the distractions of social media and bridge pathways of curiosity in order to gain access to knowledge rarely accessible in standard media literacy education platforms. PAFMA seeks to inspire scholars to take stock in their personal messaging and critically evaluate the world of media messaging for finding conclusions that fit their personal stories. We appropriate and hold space for mass culture and bind its iconic mentors as part of the package in a new language we’ve innovated as a POPOLOGIST®.

Optimally PAFMA graduates will become better consumers, leaders, legislators, even better Parents by learning the fundamentals of POPOLOGY®. Familiarity with concepts like brand awareness, digital rights ledgering, fair use reporting, cryptography, distinctions in mediums vs media, production techniques, creative writing, along with some basics in software code languages which could make a positive impact on a student's career choices.

PAFMA seeks to raise the bar of social betterment, soften hard lines of social borders, and offer a heightenedawareness of the global human condition to each student no matter the scale or scope of their ideas. Due to our broad reach to numerous industry leaders, we invite them to share their grand experiences and offer one on one mentorships directly with our scholars. Our online class room emerges as one of the most innovative media literacy teaching classrooms ever. Our program offers a 360 degree immersive POPsphere™ (Patent Pending) that allows full web engagement and behavior reporting with a blockchain ledgered POPcast®. This aids our scholars to create a curated media stream broadcast that they can be proud of!”

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