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let's meet the kappa dj's~~ancient cousins of the "mutant ninja turtles"

from wells to falls to swamps to streams

it’s the water that rolls inbetween

the great divide

from the rain that falls into a water slide

where the kappa djs keep the waterways

flowing of music and adventure

through beats melodies and the rhyming of words

showing kappa yokai can do more that get by

they were meant to soar slide on through and fly

take the mood higher

empower entertain and inspire

It's Mix here~ part of the Ka-Kappa Djs

Mix master know flow music Yokai of the waterways

We make music from the water that gets you flowing

When all is not rolling through 

we scratch mix fade the surface knowing

It will work itself out

Get back to grooving and letting go of any self doubts

with the  water musical Djs 

only traveled route where the flow of the water

works everything on out

as we created the beat bomb

that makes a peaceful sound without causing no inward harm

This is Scratch~ on splashing cymbals chhhhh

As your probably wonder

How we got heaaaarrrrrrrrrr

And why we playing this water music so rippling clear 

Well as the story goes

We were all just waterway turtle bros

Dipping diving and swimming from rock to

Bottom river bottom

Living amongst the ducks who swam without a botherin

What we were up to

the. that Atomikkan bomb blast

Came through

Blasted the invisible remains of a record making factory

Into the waterways of our beautiful melodic valley

Flushing all of us living in the waterway

Into a huge dusty wave cloud

As we emerged as three kappas from a sonic boom that clapped very loud

I couldn't hear anymore 

i'm fade~ I just express myself from my core

noticing what was now gone 

i lost the rhythm in my song

i felt kind of lost

and just wanted to get across

the great divide

to know all i had left still flowed inside 

as i knew i part of the kappa dj crew

and i was a spirit creature that was true

to the vibration

that vibrates from

the all mighty imagination

to make it on through

as i cross faded into the yokai refuge

known as 96542

like I just awoke

From a bad nightmares 

letting go of all we had known before

the wonder of the waterways

as we reached  the distance shores

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Feb 25


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