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July is disability Pride month

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This is a gudie for you to celberate the month

In previous years, disability pride has been celebrated in major cities of the uS with parades but not all cities celebrated this. It time to change that and I will be celebrating all month long with post

Ableism exists and it’s trashy as AF (thats the e for everyone acronym), im Proud to be disabled. i‘m breaking stereotypes when it comes to disabilities, you reading this is the start of change.

Support us, by doing this you’re in allies ship with us and helping the world stopping abuse ableism and neglect to fellow disabled people. Support us by funding a project we are doing, resharing & retweeting post you see by a person with disabilities and most important by help us with more accessibility.

Here’s a checklist make you use it and share this with others so they know more about us

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