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Jim Walsh Addresses Protestors @ Wa Board of Health Meeting

Representing the 19th District of Washington, Jim Walsh one of the more reasonable voices, (in my humble opinion) in the Washington State political system visited the protest on the 12th in Olympia. The Washington State Board of Health held a Public meeting to discuss applying current infectious disease WAC codes to include Covid-19 for all WA State residents. The WAC codes have been on the books for over 10 years but do not include Covid and should not include covid as it is a new occurrence and there has not yet been enough time for research to play out regarding if it should be added or revisited at a later date.


• Allowing local health officers to use law enforcement (WAC 246-100-070) to force an emergency order to involuntarily detain a person or group of persons (families) to be isolated in a quarantine facility (WAC 246-100-045) following refusal to voluntary comply with requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, vaccination (WAC 246-100-040). These specifics come from WAC 246-100.

• Including the Covid-19 injections as part of school immunization requirements using WAC 246-105.


Often times we find that verbiage used in bills and in administrative documents is not always as cut and dry as they should be. Authorities often overstep their bounds and abuse the powers that they have been afforded. This is a very important issue that more than our state has been dealing with as a quickly approaching topic of controversy.

All in all the protest was a success, around 150 people showed up in person.

There were over 7,000 comments received from the public.

Over 500 people signed up to give testimony for 1 minute, only 30 we're allowed to speak (as far as I know)

This is how we make our voices heard, peacefully & potently, at least for now...

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
14 gen 2022

Standing Up For Constitutional Belief Is Always A Nice Thing To See!

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