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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I will do workshops, and puppet shows this summer using various puppets and kits. Puppets can build, and people can create their puppets; I will make custom sock puppets to give to kids, youth, people with disabilities, and adults. Spread the word of puppetry and something different for the people.

If you sponsor, you will get to do

Name a Black Bucket Puppetry Puppet

Get a video message from the Black Bucket Puppets

Get your business on the @weneedtotalkstation Instagram page

More will be added to this list. Stay tuned

I’ll proceed, will go to helping the black culture of puppetry and give kids, disabled youths, and adults a puppet. Putting puppet shows online and off.

Click the link in my bio


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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jul 01, 2023

We need to write a grant including your services! @ipc booking is a genus who knows how to go about such matters! Will be in touch to make a plan to get workshop funds in motion. Do you have a pattern or kickstarter page we can send peeps?

Unknown member
Jul 01, 2023
Replying to

I do if you go to my instagram page I have post to help the cause

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