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Become A POPOLOGIST® POPfluencer!

A POPOLOGY® POPOLOGIST® POPfluencer™ is a distinctive type of social media influencer within the POPOLOGY® ecosystem. This individual actively engages with the POPOLOGY® App, contributing to the creation of a unique form of media known as a POPcast®. Here's a detailed breakdown of their role:


  1. Digital Curator:

    • A POPOLOGIST® is a digital curator who assembles a POPcast®. This involves selecting, arranging, and presenting content from various sources into a cohesive stream.

  1. Citizen Journalist:

    • POPOLOGIST® acts as a citizen journalist by curating content that reflects their interests, perspectives, and insights. This democratized form of media creation brings diverse narratives to the forefront.

  1. Brand Integration:

    • They have the unique ability to choose POPmercial® sponsors for their POPcast®. This involves integrating brands seamlessly into the media stream, aligning them with the POPOLOGIST's® content and audience.

  1. Blockchain Integration:

    • By connecting their social media, search engine, and utility-centric apps to the PUBLIC TRUST LEDGER blockchain, a POPOLOGIST® becomes a tokenized stakeholder in their online data behaviors. This integration empowers them and the community to collectively own and control their data.


  1. Influence and Reach:

    • A POPfluencer™ extends their influence across various social media platforms. Their followers look to them for trends, opinions, and curated content.

  1. Brand Collaboration:

    • Brands collaborate with POPfluencers™ due to their ability to organically integrate products and services into their content. In the case of POPOLOGY®, this collaboration extends to choosing brand sponsors for their POPcast®.

  1. Engagement and Interaction:

    • POPfluencers™ foster a high level of engagement with their audience. They actively interact, respond, and build a community around their content.

  1. Token Rewards:

    • As part of the POPOLOGY® ecosystem, POPfluencers™ can earn POPtoken™ rewards. These tokens are distributed as incentives to both the influencer and their audience for actively engaging with the content.

In summary, a POPOLOGY® POPOLOGIST® POPfluencer™ is not just a content creator but a community curator, bringing together diverse content, engaging with their audience, and seamlessly integrating brands into their media stream. Their role is pivotal in shaping a new era of democratized and community-driven media.

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jan 21

This is awesome!

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