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Are You An Action AdveNTURE HERO? Put It In A Game, It's POPOLOGICAL!

Updated: Jun 2

Out From A Depression Of Heartbreak, A Long, Long Time Ago, One Man Saw Himself As Possible. A probable scenario for Global Inner Peace™. Yet How?

"I will offer me", he thought. Just a guy offering try. So he mustered up the courage to be a city slicker clown and loose his frown. He gussied himself up in a General sorta way, and decided to keep dancing his way with a camera and a dream in tow. Low and behold a brand was born, and by morn this chap #POPOLOGIZED all across this nation with a notion.

POPOLOGY® can bring Global Inner Peace™ because its focus on personal joy is no game or laughing matter.

Yet funny enough it will take just that, Many Games & many laughing matters.

To all of those who think of yourself as some sort of action adventure hero, you are. Now show them what you are made of.

#inspire #brightfuture #popology #popologist #medialiteracy #cosplay #invention #popculture #hero #action #adventure #brand

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