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You Can Lead A Person To information, But Can You Make Them think?

POPOLOGY® Is Soon Presenting To NJ Governor For His Information & Media Literacy Legislation Bill.

Information literacy and Confirmation Bias Exercises.

POPOLOGY® teaches information literacy skills including how to identify “fake news” without seemingly incorporating information about the confirmation bias. Suggestions for incorporating this topic into various credibility and information literacy models are addressed, along with techniques that librarians can utilize or teach to their patrons to overcome this bias. Our bias - meter will help you identify BIAS or NON BIAS We live in a world inundated in all kinds of information with varying degrees of quality, which support seemingly innumerable agendas. Circumstances, events, and the information available about these matters change. We also have individuals motivated to take advantage of people who make snap judgements. In order to make informed decisions, we need to use the second reasoning system. Given the power of confirmation bias in validating preexisting conclusions and informing individuals’ information seeking behavior, one may assume that this topic is commonly addressed in information literacy sessions.

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