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Dear family,

Those WHO wish to control you and your choices are convening once again to attempt a takeover of your GOD  given rights and freedoms. If you haven’t heard yet, (well then your not PAYING your attention very well) this Intergovernmental Negotiating Body has been drafting and pushing through their P a n d e m i c T r e a t y since December 2021, THEY have been designing this global “health” takeover over of every single country on OUR collective Mother Earth. 

Sounds innocent enough right?


We must ask ourselves WHO are THEY?

THEY are exactly this, unelected NGO’s and wealthy wannabe leaders and the false authority of this world which have no business in your personal business and life choices. 

They intend to control each and every continent, country, province, state, county & city, in the “rare” case that there arises another p a n d e m i c. Many of us now say Scam-demic, as THEY created  COVERT - 1 9 & have yet again already planned & gamed out the next “c a t a s t r o p h I c  C o n t a g i o n”. 

One of the main things we can notice here is a room with about 45 people in it. So you 45 are the ones making decisions for 7+ billion people?  I THINK NOT!

Pay close attention, because your ultimate freedoms are on the line here. 

REMEMBER some of the last words  by the CO-CHAIR that we’re spoken in this video @ 29:30 “Thank you for allowing us to punish you…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These next words are for the WHO specifically. 

I wonder why it’s challenging?

Could it be because We The People of Mother Earth know what’s best for us when you, false authority, NGO’s, Governments & big business corporate interests assisted by lobbyists step out of the way, stop pushing junk material products & technologies, toxic food-like-products, fake meat, bugs, climate change lies, divisive & moronic control ideologies like DEI & ESG upon your fellow family members. 


Finding common ground would be minding your own business. Actual common ground where we all agree at some level is not what your consensus is aimed at.

Your meaning of collaboration and compromise is to force this destructive & traumatic health law upon people that don’t even know it exists. How is that collaborative?

A real compromise would be you minding your own business and helping only if a country actually asks for your help, if you actually can honestly & ONLY benevolently help at all.

Facing daunting challenges eh?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Humans standing up for their sovereign rights?

Humans choosing to not be forced to have toxic unknown & unproven chemicals injected into their bodies?

You are the opposite of global solidarity, solidarity is chosen, not forced. What you intend will only further derange our beautiful world. 

You must understand World Health Organization (WHO), you are a body of unelected leaders. You’re unelected because none of us, and I mean billions of humans on this planet never got asked to vote for you, nor did we ask you to make decisions for us. 

And you will not succeed at concluding any sort of treaty which will provide for you the continued stealing of freedoms and human energy.

I Speak just as so many do for the people of Earth!

Original Video found here:

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