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Wait Til Hollywood Sees! The Movie Is Next.

Tired Of All The Violence Packaged In Movies & Video Games? POPOLOGY® is forging a great future "Aiming With A Camera, Not A Gun" to educate and inspire our young people & the young at heart. We teach Media Literacy and Unique Career opportunities through software and good old first hand attention & Mentorship.

Object: You are on assignment of a broadcast / newspaper company. “The POPOLOGIST®”, (of course).

You are on a mission to capture images of events, people or objects throughout the landscaped city within your cameras battery life (TIME) and memory allotted (DATA SPACE). Don’t overshoot or you cant complete all assignments. User gets hints to find certain events on their onboard task list that keeps track of assignments. User has a map that allows a top view of travels and where events are or could be. Can your images make the front page of the POPOLOGIST® Newspaper in time to hit the press?

Good for Mac & Windows OS

keyboard controller:

W,A,S,D, - player move control, Press “T” for Assignment list. Press "I" to see Images Shot (Select Image and slide to see next Photo). Press “M” for Map of where Assignments might be. Press “C” for Camera mode. Press “V” for taking a picture. Press “C” Again to put camera away. Don’t overshoot or you cant complete all assignments.

Also a battery life graph, a data capacity used.

Camera he pulls from his holster, Photography Camera (requires 2 hands to shoot, (Press C Again to put back in holster)

Get all assignments (6 per level) and levels to complete (3), You get published in the POPOLOGIST® newspaper headlining your shots!

Make your own headlines and join our POPOLOGIST® Amabassadors and get the latest disruptive technology with every platform on your side to boost your Citizen Journalism responsibilities!

This Video Game will go on sale for $14.99 on STEAM Very Soon.

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