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This is Art

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Pink she wore

Chatte is the French word what she is

Swagger like the PurrrKattt is she

Sitting in her pose

as she rest in a

b!$ch face looking at

the black boy in the wheel painting her with his language

Audacious Logorrhea

The Ai thought as vocabulary got intricate and hyperfeminine it was because his divine feminine sit like a democrat and the republican words thrown her way

Listen to the message tho

He rolls on because this is art

Copyright © 2023 Quincy Q Keith

No part of this art may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the author.*

©2023 QKBAE ARTS All rights reserved. Do not duplicate art, repost art or reproduce art.




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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Oct 02, 2023

Very Cool. Revolution will be from all tones of flesh! Revolution Of LOVE!

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