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Democratize The Media Landscape With POPOLOGY

A Disruptive Business Model in Social Media as an Internet Broadcasting Network

The current Social Media landscape is dominated by a few major players like Facebook and Instagram, charging high margins and offering minimal compensation to influencers who drive engagement. We change that!


POPOLOGY aims to lead the Sharing Economy in Social Media by fairly redistributing earnings to influencers while users curate an Internet Broadcasting Network..Action:

POPOLOGY offers Video Ads at less than half the price of Meta and YouTube, distributing 50% of the revenue to influencers, eliminating the need for brands to pay influencers directly.Disruptive Business Model:

1. Ad-Cost Reduction: Cuts ad costs for brands by more than half.2. Influencer Monetization: Shares 50% of Video-Ad revenues with influencers.3. Member Monetization: Shares 50% of earnings from data sales with members, e.g., $500 annually for $1000 earned.

4. Automation: Uses AI to streamline brand-influencer compliances and places ads into influencer curated content (POPcast Media Streams minted onto the blockchain), introducing decentralized broadcasting.

How POPOLOGY Lowers Advertising Costs:

POPOLOGY's model offers low entry prices and margins half those of competitors like Meta. It compensates influencers directly, eliminating the need for brands to manage influencer partnerships. The POPcast media stream can combine influencer videos, multi-platform content, and advertisers' Video Ads (we call a POPmercial) into a high quality, single narrative internet broadcast, costing less per viewer than any major platforms.

How POPOLOGY Monetizes Influencers:

Influencers play a crucial role in driving value and traffic to Social Media platforms. However, only a small fraction of them earn substantial income from their online activities, while platforms like Facebook and Instagram keep most of the revenue. This is not fair.

Unlike any other platform in the media landscape POPOLOGY rewards influencers with 50% of our net revenue with its unique Sharing Economy Business Model, providing direct access to followers. It maintains an updated list of influencers for effective targeting, ensuring meaningful and relevant brand connections.

POPOLOGY User Empowerment and Monetization:

POPOLOGY empowers users to popularize their passions by curating POPcast media streams, promoting diversity and creativity.

By integrating user data, it allows our members to monetize content through curated videos and brand ads. Combining gamification and blockchain, users become stakeholders of their data, benefiting and being rewarded from its sale. Our user-assembled MetaSearch engine connects up to 25 trusted user platforms via APIs, boosting content creation, curation and revenue opportunities.

Underpinned by blockchain technology, this web3 creator economy eco- system ensures genuine engagement and protection against bots, or monopolistic algorithms.

POPOLOGY Technology is the Enabler for this Sharing Economy:

Blockchain enables decentralized broadcasting, allowing creators to merge with traditional platforms while maintaining content control. POPOLOGY lets influencers reach their audience directly, enhancing authenticity and reducing censorship. Decentralized marketing bypasses centralized platforms, ensuring fair compensation and personalized campaigns. Blockchain’s encryption and decentralized storage secure user data and transactions. Transparency is maintained through a public ledger, fostering trust. Smart contracts automate transactions, ensuring timely, accurate payments and reducing administrative burdens. Users retain full ownership and control of their data, providing enhanced privacy compared to traditional platforms.

POPOLOGY is awarded its first of many USPTO Utility Patents, with 29 system & method claims. Our International patent is filed as well.

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