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The POPOLOGY® Megaverse Metaverse Is More Than You Expected!

POPOLOGY® will solve

digital piracy issues of the film, music and arts industries, which have lost over 373,000 jobs and more than $29 billion in losses per year. Combine all of your social portals into one trackable asset reporting platform, to own and operate your user data. We provide cross platform user insights and POPmetrics™ for every keystroke, email, like share and post. In fact we reward you for 100% of your cross platform searches, and other business apps too. As long as POPOLOGY® Networks is active for you, we reward you , and report to you! You can determine your personal business objectives; you can research the market to determine exactly what your social base or customer communities are. The POPmercial® Gallery is a brand library of pre-purchased media buys on display for placement in your POPcast®.

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