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POPOLOGY feels it responsible as a leader in Culture Ministry Industry to inform the young POPOLOGIST AMBASSADORS of today there are some things that are unique to the decade that we who grew up in the 1970s will always remember! Each era having a distinct style that is easily recognizable, even to newer Generations. The 1970s, aside from the obvious disco and bell bottom Trends, there were more minute details that people living during that time will easily recognize . So here is a most POPOLOGICAL list from the 1970s that you kids today would never understand.

Options for watching TV were very different during the 1970s. For one, there were really only three TV channels, plus public broadcasting. That's right, just three options of viewing pleasure. No streaming services, no Endless options. You would also have to get up and manually turn the dial to change channels. Yes, it was a time in which we waited for our favorite shows, which included nightly shows that were popular and Saturday morning cartoons. It was a big deal when you could pour a big bowl of cereal and binge hours of your favorite animated shows but with the limited options on the television, it's no wonder kids spent so much time outside. Well that and the fact that some parents made their kids go outside and play during the' 70s.


Making a mixtape was an art form. Mix Tapes took patience and dedication to sit by the radio for hours waiting for the right song to be played, it didn't matter how good your timing was either, because pushing down the play and record buttons at precisely the right time still sometimes had the DJ talking over the intro, and that was just part of the charm. Cassettes had their quirks too! Like when they got tangled and you would have to use a pencil to wind them back in. Cassettes made it pretty easy to create what we know today as a playlist and this was the first time we could listen anywhere we wanted.

Superhero Underwear

Did you ever run around the house and pretend you were Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman? Sure you did. Most of us did. And if lyou did during the 1970s then you most most likely had on a pair of superhero Underoos. For many kids they served a dual purpose, they were underwear and part of a costume when you were strutting around the house feeling Invincible. Superhero Underoos were more than just clothing, they were your identity, maybe still is? Especially the ones that match the actual superhero outfits. Nowadays kids can never appreciate their underwear in the same way

Record Stores

During the 1970s, record stores were not just places to buy music, they were social Gathering spots. Just like the mall of the 1980s, young people would hang out with friends, browse through vinyl records and even listen to albums before they purchase them. Store employees at this time were also music enthusiasts, and they would recommend hidden gems. It also wasn't uncommon for you to strike up a conversation with a stranger who was into the same music as you. Yes, so the local record store was a special and most popological place, and yet another experience that is hard to replicate today.


Hitchhiking during the 1970s was surprisingly easy and acceptable. It was very common to see people thumbing a ride on the side of the road. Drivers would often not hesitate to pick up hitchhikers and it was seen as a way to help out a fellow traveler. There was more of a sense of camaraderie on the open road back then and that's hard to understand in today's world, yet it wasn't without risk and there was still a chance you might encounter a few weirdos, and that was just part of the fun. Nowadays it's illegal to Hitch free rides in many places but back then it wasn't unusual to find a service member, a student, or even a hippie thumbing for a ride. HitchHiking was considered “Groovy Man”.


When you think back to the 1970s, men had some serious style. They had manly mustaches, extended sideburns, big hair and that distinct Aroma of aftershave wafting around them. It was all about the Macho look and Men took their grooming pretty seriously. This was also coupled with some pretty bold choices in clothing too, and as long as you could leave a couple of buttons undone… so you could show off your hairy chest, you were good to go! nothing quite matches the Swagger men had in the 1970s,


And speaking of grooming, ladies too had their own unique products to give them that 1970s look. Sunnin’ was all the rage, promising sun-kissed highlights. Women would spray it into their hair and head outside hoping for those perfect golden locks and who doesn't remember the smell of Love's Babys soft, a signature scent from the 1970s. The sweet youthful fragrance was a defining smell that had all the girls wearing baby soft but we are not sure the ad campaign would fly today?

Caller ID

When the telephone that hung in the kitchen rang, it was always answered. This was before caller ID so people had no idea who was calling. Can you imagine you didn't know if it was your best friend or a sales call? Which meant there was a chance that you might recognize the voice on the other end and spend some time getting twisted up in the phone cord while you talked or you might be yelling across the house to let someone else know the call was for them. Today's kids might find it unbelievable that we willingly picked up the phone without the slightest clue as to who was on the other end.

Polaroid Camera

To best capture the moments in the 1970s, you absolutely needed a Polaroid camera. The idea of hitting the button and instantly getting a picture developed was gratifying, but you had to be selective because each role of film only had a certain number of pictures and then there was the practice of shaking the picture to help it develop faster, which was ACTUALLY just a myth, but you couldn't take the bulky Polaroid camera with you everywhere so there were also photo booths that were strategically placed where teenagers congregated places like arcades malls and roller rinks were ideal, so best friends and couples could capture the day with a series of Goofy and fun pictures.

Mushroom Decor

if you were to step back in time time and visit a 1970s kitchen you'd probably find a fair share of mushroom themed Decor, mushroom plates, mushroom curtains, mushroom wallpaper, they were everywhere AND ON everything. Back then seemed to have an earthy aesthetic and mushrooms must have been the perfect fungus to represent that style. WE guess you'd call it charm and every corner of the room seemed to be inspired by THIS PSCHEDELLIC HOMEY ICON.

Morning Cereal

You waited for the weekend and that special morning of cartoons you also needed a sugary cereal to help you enjoy it. The 1970s was all about finding the best surprise toy inside the cereal box. Kids would beg their parents for a certain brand of cereal not because of the taste, but because of the toy. It may have been a silly game or a small figurine but it was like finding a treasure when you dug down to the bottom of the box and pulled out the prize this excitement made Morning cereal More Than Just Breakfast. which is much different than today.

Aluminum Tabs

Opening a beer or soda can in the 1970s was a bit different than what we are used to today as well. You'd pull the ring back and peel back the aluminum Tab and back then most of the tabs were just tossed on the ground. These sharp pieces of discarded metal were a nuisance especially on beaches or places where you might walk Barefoot. These pull tabs were just another Hazard that we faced and the tops would change shortly after to the more familiar style tab that we recognize today but it was still all part of the fun fun of living in the 1970s.

Metal Lunchboxes

Last but not least school lunch in the 1970s wasn't complete without a trusty metal lunchbox in the matching thermos. These lunch boxes not only showed off our favorite characters from a popological personification of the carriers pop culture, but they often also had their fair share of rust on them too. Any ding or scratch would quickly rust over and our parents didn't seem to mind either. Remember the smell of opening a metal lunchbox after a long hot day? Kids today with their ice packs and insulated lunch bags will never fully understand what it was like to grow up in the 1970s! Let POPOLOGY know in the comments if we missed anything and make sure to sign at

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