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POPOLOGY® Networks Pitch Deck 2023

POPOLOGY® Networks, a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the way society measures and understands "true popular" by and for the people. We are seeking funding for scaling our innovative project beta, which we believe has the potential to be a game-changer in the media and tech industries.

At POPOLOGY®, we define the "science of popular" as the study of why certain things become popular and how they spread through society, one person at a time, amassing to the populous. We believe that a society that truly trusts its consensus of popular is a strong society. Unfortunately, many mainstream news agencies are slanted or biased to agendas, advertising propagates its message at any cost, and many social platforms practice censorship of ideas and science more than they maybe should.

That's why we developed POPOLOGY® as the science of popular, which we ledger on our blockchain as the measure of "true popular" by and for the people. Our platform includes the study of cultural trends, social networks, marketing strategies, and other factors that influence the popularity of different products, ideas, or cultural phenomena. One crucial aspect of the science of popular is understanding the psychology of human behavior and how it relates to decision-making, including the role of social networks in spreading ideas and products.

We designed POPOLOGY® as social media aggregation meets digital rights reporting for a new kind of gamified internet broadcasting. Our platform is designed for curators to make excellent media streams as acts of citizen journalism that we call a POPOLOGIST®.

We believe that the traditional broadcast era is over, and we are now living in the "Digitoral" (Digital Oral) age. By sourcing reports/streams on a smart contract and the latest distributed-ledger technology, we make it easy to sync payments for digital rights rewards. Users can choose their favorite brand spots in our POPmercial® Gallery to include as sponsors embedded into their curated POPcast® stream while measuring "true popular" by and for the people. Our backend sales of this advertising placement service can be found at

Our customizable Video MetaSearch Engine, the POPsphereTM workspace, provides complete 360-degree immersion into web content, facilitating a unique user experience. It sources 2,480 video tiles of API aggregation integrations and provides its end-users with a flexible elasticsearch ability to populate the stories or topics they care to POPcast® about.

Our projected financials are incredible, combining earnings from Big Data, Commercial Advertising, and Subscriptions as base revenue models. We believe that POPOLOGY® NETWORKS can address major internet issues as the primary media & tech disruptions while still endorsing artful self-expression to brands and influencers at large.

Our platform can neutralize data monopoly by allowing our users to earn from their collective online behaviors. We can disseminate intelligence in a more impactful way, saving time by automating content discovery across the web, enabling "lateral content discovery" required by Information Literacy standards.

We automate "native links" of the curated videos (digital rights) to our blockchain as an act of citizen journalism we call a POPcast® published for the world to see as a media stream that is also an NFT (Non-Fungible Token, which is merely an individual ledger on the blockchain). Our data-centric platform is a utility servicing the people, ledger, and tracking "TRUE POPULAR" by and for the people.

POPOLOGY® can serve as the best kind of 24-hour focus group for advertisers, product developers, storytellers, journalists, :

  • The POPOLOGY® blockchain is designed to be secure, transparent, and decentralized. It is maintained by a network of nodes that verify and validate all transactions, ensuring that they are legitimate and cannot be altered or manipulated.

  • POPOLOGY® Networks has a team of experienced developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to furthering our beta to a global scale as a cutting-edge platform that empowers users to curate and share their favorite content in a fun and engaging way, while tracking digital rights used for catalogue owners..

  • The company is securing partnerships with a number of top advertising agencies and media brands.

  • POPOLOGY® Networks is poised to capitalize on the growing trend of gamification, which has been shown to be an effective way of engaging and retaining users. By incorporating game-like elements into its platform, POPOLOGY® can encourage users to spend more time on the site, interact with other users, and generate valuable content.

  • The platform's focus on "true popular" has the potential to revolutionize the way that we measure the popularity of products, ideas, and cultural phenomena. By giving users a voice and a vote in what they consider to be popular, POPOLOGY® can provide a more accurate and democratic view of what is truly popular.

  • POPOLOGY® Networks is also well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for digital rights reporting and ownership. By using blockchain technology to track and manage digital assets, the platform can provide a secure and transparent way for users to monetize their content and protect their intellectual property.

  • Additionally, the company's focus on education and media literacy has the potential to make it a leader in the edtech space. By providing a comprehensive and immersive platform for learning and discovery, POPOLOGY® can help students and educators alike to better navigate the complex world of digital media.

Overall, POPOLOGY® Networks is a highly innovative and forward-thinking company that is poised for significant growth and success. Its focus on blockchain technology, gamification, and "true popular" has the potential to disrupt multiple industries and provide value to users around the world.

A branded playlist of explainer videos to support:

Fellow POPOLOGIST®, We hope you find our vision and beta of interest to consider a Zoom together to see the product working at your earliest convenience. Sometimes you have to see to beieve.

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1 Comment

Cheryl Bunn Yamaguchi
Cheryl Bunn Yamaguchi
Mar 17, 2023

This is perfect!

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