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A prerequisite for culturaled entertainment is that participants take responsibility for themselves in a collective spirit, keeping the interests of the community in mind.

The collective spirit prevails when all members of the community adhere to basic norms of behavior. If you do not represent yourself properly, you will first divide the community and then break up the unity. If your attitude is not right, you will sooner or later fall out of the circle because you do not meet the expected requirements. No one can be so selfish as not to adapt to others, but if the company is incapable of being homogeneous, you’re better off grabbing yourself and leaving voluntarily. You need to be able to express your thoughts clearly, make yourself feel good, feel good, and always be kind. Respect yourself with a positive attitude towards people, and healthy self-confidence is a prerequisite for being able to respect others. The community is helpless to those who refuse to open up to them, if you don’t show a willingness to cooperate, you put others in a rather uncomfortable position. You have to understand that the others aren’t there for you, but you went there to participate in something with them. Always gauge the company carefully, it doesn’t matter at all who you party with, it doesn’t hurt to start getting to know each other. When interests, attitudes, and values ​​are the same, the community is fulfilled. We should always give respect and be honest with ourselves about our own values, there should always be something extra that we can give to others, sometimes a smile is enough. Always try to preserve your individuality and pick up the rhythm as quickly as possible. Participation will be successful if everyone has similar values, you never know you need help, or maybe you’ll get it. If the other participants have different principles, it will prevent cooperation, you will be disadvantaged and stagnate that you will not be able to let go. You have gathered in one place, at one time, for one purpose, everyone must meet these standards. Cultured entertainment is only possible if the community works well and everyone is safe. Have fun responsibly and have a good time.

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