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Never let an idea rule you

“The Lucifer Principle”

If what makes humanity tick from abject tyranny to harmonious triumphs is of interest to you, this be a story for you.

Need ye not feel disinterest by the word Lucifer, it’s really just a metaphor for the true depths and depravity which lurks at creations core of the survival mechanisms upon all that exists to grow once past the cellular scale on some level.

History will always be the greatest teacher when we have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Beautifully weaved connecting as humans to all that has ever been and the simple fact that the majority will always be subject to the inherent roles of nature.

Get ready for real biological History Class!


  • Society

  • Religion

  • Wara

  • Politics

  • Psychology

  • Science

  • Racism

  • Relationships

  • Nature

  • Violence

It explains the danger of ideas (meme) and how nature takes control. It hits all the notes of humanity

Purchase the book somewhere or listen AUDIO BOOK CAN BE FOUND HERE

Parts 1-6

Parts 7-11

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