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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

American singer, songwriter, and actress. The definitive singles artist of the video age and a pop icon, one of the most commercially successful artists in POP music. The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Her film career, however, is another story. Her performances have consistently drawn scathing or laughable reviews from film critics, and the films have usually had tepid, if any, success at the box office. Born Madonna Louise Ciccone in August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, she moved to New York in 1978 and studied with renowned choreographer Alvin Ailey, joined up with the Patrick Hernandez Revue, formed a pop/dance band called "Breakfast Club" and began working with then-boyfriend Stephen Bray on recording several disco-oriented songs. New York producer/D.J. Mark Kamins passed her demo tapes to Sire Records in early 1982 and the rest is history.

As the best-selling female recording artist of all time, Madonna continues to leave an indelible mark on the world through her art, music, activism and humanitarian leadership. Madonna consistently pushes boundaries, spurs conversations and unites us all through her revolutionary work. Subscribe for the latest videos, music, news and updates. Enjoy Madonna’s groundbreaking music videos, live performances, humorous videos and more.

Madonna and Michael were spotted numerous times

in tinsel town on dates after that before their relationship ultimately came to an abrupt stop.

During a 2016 interview with James Corden on his Carpool Karaoke, Madonna revealed she did enjoy a fling with Michael - but he needed some coaxing.

When asked about the nature of her relationship with Michael, Madonna replied: "You want me to kiss and tell, don't you?"

A shocked James replied: "You kissed?!" to which Madonna yelled: "Of course!"

Madonna continued: "Of course, I mean, baby, I've been around!"

James continued by asking if she and Michael had a "full-on French kiss."

The singer said: "Yeah, tongue in mouth kissing."

She then went on to reveal who made the first move.

Madonna said: "Well I did if you want to know the truth.

"Because he was a little bit shy, however, he was a willing accomplice."

The Vogue singer added: "I did get him to loosen up with a glass of Chardonnay - and it did wonders! It worked wonders."

Although Michael and Madonna didn't continue their relationship, they almost collaborated musically.

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