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MADBOP & The POPOLOGY® BOOK OF POP (Royalty Pages) Partnership Ensues!


For a long time now, the only way that you have been able to collect your favourite artists is through purchasing physical items like CDs, vinyl, posters, merchandise, badges and more. But thanks to a digital revolution called NFT, things have now changed. With Madbop, & you can now collect digital items as NFTs from your favorite artists. NFTs provide a digital certification to any digital item so that you know it's authentic. This means that you can purchase a digital item knowing it genuine, and have full ownership thanks to NFTs.

POPOLOGY® Networks is teaming with MadBop to operate our education fan portal "THE BOOK OF POP (Royalty Pages" Loaded with NFT assets the can be updated and increased in data value sets as a robust crowd sourced FANZINE! Also MadBop will focus on authentic archive digital assets that can merchandise as NFT Marketplace assets as well!

MadBop is a green scalable NFT platform that been built for the music space to connect fans and collectors with their favourite artists. The MadBop platform was founded by Russell Bundy in March 2021 and launched in August.

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익명 회원
2021년 10월 22일

Very cool:)

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