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Introducing POPMERCIAL®

POPOLOGY® MakeS Commercials Fun Again!

POPmercial® is a brand-direct video promotion, specifically created for cross-platform media streaming on POPOLOGY® Networks.

Companies can select the desired audience metric to sponsor a curated and streaming POPcast®. Through the POPmercial® Gallery, users can select spots as a POPmercial® to create brand loyalty and Cult Branding integrations.

Sponsoring innovative cross-platform media streams is made possible by POPOLOGY® Networks. Companies can pick the POPmercial® package that best fits their brand or company budget.

POPmercial® is the perfect way to engage with existing and new customers while making a positive statement about your brand. With the ability to customize packages to meet the needs of your budget, more companies can take advantage of this innovative way to reach potential customers and create brand loyalty.

Through POPOLOGY® Networks, your commercial will be seen on multiple platforms and all views can be tracked through the blockchain, giving you complete control and visibility of your campaign.

Try POPmercial® today and make commercials fun again!

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