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been concert surfing! SEE Macy Gray!

Updated: Feb 19

let me show you who i've seen so far. We'll do a different one every week, so I can stretch them out. There were just a hand full, but very good ones! Should I start with the first one or the last one that I saw? hmmm.. That last one was so magical that I think I'll start with her~~Drum rollllll!! Ladies and gentlemen~~coming to the stage~~~~~ Ms. Macyyyyyy Grayyyyyy!! Bravo Macy! Bravo~ Your cover of "Creep" by Radio Head was absolutely incredible!

Natalie Renée McIntyre (born September 6, 1967), known by her stage name Macy Gray, is an American R&B and soul singer and actress.

Macy Gray got her start in the 1990s and become known for her hit single, I Try.

This song climbed to the Top 5 spot pop hit in 1999 and she became known for her unique raspy voice and became a fashion icon heading into the millennium.

Growing up in Canton, Ohio, Gray was teased in school for her raspy voice and when she stumbled into the music industry, she was initially self-conscious of her voice but as her singing career skyrocketed, she embraced her unique sound.

She released her album, On How Life Is, in July 1999 which debuted her hit single I Try.

The following year Gray earned her first Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal. I Try is currently ranked as her number one song on Spotify with more than 239million listens and her page boasts of more than 2.6million monthly listeners.

Macy Gray worries about backlash to artists who speak out on politics: 'Can't say what's on your mind'

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Singer Macy Gray defended artists who use their award-winning speeches to talk politics, saying it's an ideal way to use one's platform.
"Of course," Gray told Fox News Digital this week following a concert in Alexandria, Virginia. "I think it's sad that when you become a celebrity you all of a sudden can't say what's on your mind. I think that's disappointing, because you have people that have this huge platform, and have the opportunity to move things and to change things, but we have to be so careful about what we say. You say the wrong thing, and it's like, ‘Oh burn her records,' or, ‘I’m never watching that show again'… So I think it's a shame."

She offered a hypothetical prompt from hip-hop star Jay-Z as an example.

"If he said, ‘I want everyone to do 10 jumping jacks,’ everybody would do it… When you have that kind of access, but you have to be careful about what you say, I think that's disappointing," she said.

In recent months, Gray has used her own platform to speak out against police violence. She called current police department culture "horrible" and suggested that changes need to come from the higher authorities, blasting President Biden and Congress for not taking action.

"It's devastating that it's still relevant today," she said. "That you still have to have that conversation but… I just think it's a waste because… We have a president, all he needs to do is pass some laws. He can say, ‘I’m waiting on Congress,' but we all know that's bulls---. He can make it happen. Congress can make it happen."


Gray co-founded an organization called My Good in July 2020 to help provide emotional and financial assistance to families who have lost loved ones due to police violence. The organization helps with logistical costs, including hospital, funeral and legal expenses, and prioritizes mental health.

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Macy Gray "slays" in Sacramento!

~yes ms gray! yasssss!! #macygray

Yes ms. gray! yassssssss! #macygray

Absolute Beauty! #macygray

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