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i am a POPOLOGIST incredible Popologist Creator

hi my name is

bruce willis lee

my nickname is popology

because i’m filled of soul fed geography

i be like water my friend

and i die hard

hi my name is laughing nine rivers

my nickname is popology

because i’ve invested in silver wheels

to the way i feel when i launch

into the pacific

hi my name is madonna tyler moore

i shoot aerosmith’s into the music

like a virgin

not a dick

or a dan vyke

i just dream on until my dreams come true

like all the toys in my attic

hi my name is cindy rella boombastic

my nickname what all the homies call me

is popology

i am true colors

poetry that don’t say anything

except talk to yourself

like biology and chemistry

hi my name is nugent mary poppins pippy

i’m a tom boy free for all

with an umbrella

my nickname is

what my folks call me is popology

as it rains i get cat scratch fever

hi my name is popology

you know me

ipc = incredible Popology Creator

joe ray

endorsed me

i sample and play all


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