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So did anyone one else hear about the MASSIVE increase in airline pilot deaths in 2021

It Seems that pilot deaths increased by a whopping 1700%

The increase was seen just in the 1st 9 months of 2021 compared to 2020.

Pilot Deaths:

2013: 1

2014: 0

2015: 1

2016: 2

2017: 28 (what was this all about?)

2018: 1

2019: 1

2020: 6

2021: 111 in first 9 months

Of course this couldn't have anything to do with the previously mandatory "V A C C I N E" requirements to keep their jobs could it? Like most that have been coerced, many of them probably didn't want to get any shot. Especially knowing that this chemical concoction could be detrimental to their life or ability to function properly in any way in regards to the fact that on the daily they have 100-600 lives in their hands. To make the idea even more impactful, the fact they are traveling at 550mph in a giant sky missile at 30-43,000 feet, could cause unknown devastation upon crashing. If that suddenly dropped out of the sky without any notice or ability to possibly make corrective actions, I for one wouldn’t want to be on that plane or anywhere in its path.

The picture attached is from an article commemorating pilots that died in 2021.

True, some may have been retired or added from a previous year if they hadn’t been included. Regardless, these numbers are higher than any other year on record which should make anyone raise an eyebrow and seek for better clarity relating to the current action plans being rolled out across the country related to covert-19.

A little suggestion, if you plan on flying at al, I would request to know if the pilot on your flight has been vaccinated. If so I would highly suggest finding a pilot that hasn’t been. I don’t want to see any more friends or anyone die from this thing in any way.


Might this occurrence have actually happened? Who really knows until we hear an actual flight associate or passenger confirm what any smart airline would obviously refute.

One of the articles approaching it from the somewhat middle ground:

And a little more intel on the incident and other events:

And from a Aviation specific website:

A bit more of the actual story?

If you’re going to read any of the links, read this one as it is the most balanced of them and has a bit more research involved in the final assertions.

Image captured from (Air Line Pilots Association) October/November 2021 magazine issue.

Image captured from a previous years ALPA memoriam

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