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Don't Get Aggravated. Get Aggregated!


is an immersive 360 degree workspace packaged in a website /app. This workspace utility is comprised of 2400 populating API tiles. (application programming interface). These API tiles are configured by our users to attach their multiple diversified social platforms .

This workspace and API population provides a cross-platform search of topics, a drag and drop of these content results to a publishable timeline we call a POPcast®, and a trackable blockchain ledger of these bundled stories.

When a user rotates the POPsphere™ User Interface

a full 360 degrees in any search query, the tiles can repopulate with the next 2400 content results from each platform designated in the workspace.

The POPsphere™ is essentially a UNIQUE NODAL CODE DESIGN.

A node is any physical device within a network of other tools that's able to send , receive , or forward information . A personal computer is the most common node. It's called the computer node or internet node. All activity is recorded on the blockchain, and allows rewards for use.

We facilitate the most powerful cross platform search engine and content publishing like no other digital distribution service in the business today.

This aggregation is complete with unique code masking of each video or pic from numerous web sites and social platforms.

A Utility to deploy Intellectual Properties to their communities of choice.

We furthermore allow placement of brand direct commercials to reward users with large audience metrics in the published POPcast®

Reiteration Of The USER JOURNEY


Search content simultaneously across all social and blog portals the user is a member of.


Select and curate content from numerous social stories, drag and drop into your POPcast® timeline inside the POPsphere™.


Choose your favorite POPmercial® brand of your published POPcast®. Spots to payout POPOLOGY®coin to desired audience, and any sourced copyright holders


We Gamify the POPcast® content by wagering “Futures In Popular™” (audience views) to the individual media via staking & mining from the 1000 POPtokens™ we issue daily.


Deploy your POPOLOGY Networks POPcast® to numerous social portals for rewards and mass audience.

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