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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The Adventures of DogShoe and the Bakery Gang by POPOLOGIST® Timothy A. Bennett

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The Adventures of DogShoe and the Bakery Gang follows the life of a world champion racing dog who is forced to retire after developing sensitive feet.

When Sparks, "The Burst of Boise," acquires his sensitive feet, he can no longer compete because he now has to wear shoes. He is adopted by a nice man who is a fan of his racing career.

The hardest parts about being adopted and living in his new house are the tiny yard and having no friends. The best part is going to the dog park, where he can run.

Whenever Sparks has to walk by the bakery, the neighborhood gang laughs and makes fun of him for wearing shoes. They call him "DogShoe."

One day, on the way home from the dog park, Sparks hears a woman screaming as she's being robbed. DogShoe breaks loose from his leash and saves the day as the gang looks on.

About The Author: Timothy A. Bennett is a veteran, writer, artist, producer, actor, musician, and philanthropist. He discovered his passion for the stage from his grandpa, who was a vaudeville performer. He spent his adult life working in entertainment, from producing live events to raising funds and awareness for the "underdog." He loves playing music and hockey, and making people laugh.

The idea for the book came when the author saw a woman walking a dog wearing shoes. "I could tell the dog did not like the shoes at all. I asked myself, 'Why in the world would someone make a dog wear shoes?' Then I realized it was one hundred degrees outside, so the dog must have sensitive feet. I couldn't help but laugh. Hence, 'DogShoe' was born."

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