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What are the Consequences If they're wrong

When governments begin to enact fascist rulings and destructive societal actions, it is no longer time to sit along the sidelines and be an armchair quarterback. It’s time that we speak out and stand up for every humans right upon this beautiful planet.

We are sliding dangerously close to actions which were taken in 1940s Nazi Germany. We’re on a slippery slope and we’re nearing a turning point where there is only right and wrong, even though the majority of all actions taken in the last year and a half have been wrong.

As they say:

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

And the corrupt bureaucrats, technocrats and politicians are drunk with the power they so sweepingly steal with every chance they get.

It seems that time and time again, that those who are nearly always the bad actors rarely endure any negative consequences for their actions. Unless We The People stand collectively against government extremist actions and make it apparent that there is no get out of jail free card any longer, nothing will ever change and it can only get worse.

Link to The lockdowns in Austria which was announced on the 14th

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