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Partners, Friends & Family, POPOLOGIST® AMBASSADORS

We submitted POPOLOGY® as a demonstrable workshop at SXSW MUSIC & TECH FESTIVAL 2024. Please click the link and register to give us an UP-VOTE in PLEASE?

Starting today, the greater online community is invited to vote and share their input on your session idea through Sunday, August 20. The community's input will amount to 30% of the total score for your proposal. Your proposal will also be evaluated by the SXSW EDU Advisory Board (40%) and SXSW EDU staff (30%) during this time.

The community will have the opportunity to "Vote Up" or "Vote Down" on all session ideas (votes will be kept private) and add comments to each page. We encourage you to use this commenting feature to expand on your session idea, make note of any updates or changes, and even engage with the voting community.

Anyone with internet access can cast a single vote for as many proposals as they would like upon creating a PanelPicker account. (You must signup to vote)

Please make a comment with your Up-vote!

This is the access link to find POPOLOGY®

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Unknown member
Aug 24, 2023

I vote let go for the W

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