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The Guardian Is Calling!

POPOLOGY® Founder Joe Rey

received this early in the A.M. voicemail message regarding setting up an interview with himself and POPOLOGY® Networks President Dan Rush. The word is getting out, and you might consider getting your "personal popular" in order. When this word gets out and our platform is deployed, all Social Platforms will be better for it, and you will hold the power of your ideas data and audience, the way it is supposed to be.

We collectively will inspire a social movement apon the content of your POPOLOGIST® Character, not biased on who you prefer to sleep with, or the color of your skin, or how you do or don't pray to. Yet the measure of all of these great human indicators of the SOVEREIGN UNIQUENESS in each of us. See Think Do!™ The Science Of Your Popular™ is no longer waiting for you. It is Ready For You! #medialiteracy #socialmovement #digitalrights #blockchaintechnology #SEETHINKDO #POPOLOGYnetworks #POPOLOGISTambassadors #POPOLOGY #POPOLOGIST

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