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Stop being part of the problem, Be part of the solution

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I rarely speak in absolutes, however a good quarter of our world populace is going to be responsible from the damage done to the children of this world and the next generations along with all the adults that are currently being slaughtered by the supposed vaccination campaigns.

Listening to the news is sickening, the assuredness that scientists, reporters and supposed specialist believe so fervently is extraordinarily catastrophic to our race. Think what you want, the evidence is already appearing if you dig deep enough or even barely skim below the surface.

Mark my words, this is going to be known as the most tragic decision in human history during our currently recorded timeline of the past 7000 years with what humans actually understand. Nothing has ever been deployed upon our entire civilization like this that wasn’t a military or political war. Yet this still is political and this is a form of warfare, biological that is.

And we’re all at fault, we all did this to ourselves, we’ve allowed governments to gain further overreaching control and allowing lobbyist to tell them what to do with larger and larger payoffs. The system is sick and rife with erosion, if you can’t see it then you’ve obviously never studied history or even read a few books. The more we allow companies like Amazon to undercut the companies they support within their own marketplace, the less they care about their employees and the more driven their desire for never ending profits and cuts to gain more ground, the more we ask for our own demise.

And yes the climate does change and it changes on its own regardless of human evolution. But the more we complain about an actually endless supply of oil and the more we strip mine mountains and destroy our mineral resources just so we can build something that’s supposedly eco-friendly, the further we dig this hole deeper.

Although not a pessimist I see clearly the damage we have done and continue to do. However I am an eternal optimist, finding and exposing the truth, all at the same time seeking the solutions. If you’re not looking for solutions and you’re not doing your part, then you continue to be part of the problem.

We can fix this and we are fixing this, but first we must open our eyes to see clearly what we have all had a part in creating.

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