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Runaway With Janet Jackson In The BOOK OF POP!

Music Video for Runaway performed by Janet Jackson. Production Designed by Me, (Joe Rey) & Vance Lorenzini

The New York City Sets were shot (On NYC Roof Tops) at the same time as We Filmed The Scorpions Music Video, & Chase Manhattan Bank Spots for Marcus Nispel & RSA USA (Ridley Scotts Production Company).

On Set We are Directed not to eye gaze at the talent. Not easy task considering the beauty of Miss Janet Jackson in all of her very exciting looks during this music video.

I recall taking my art crew out for dinner after The last of our shoot days in NYC. Coincidently Miss Jackson had the same idea with her posse. I remember sending a drink round to her table thanking her for the work, and essentially displaying gratitude.

She actually came over to our table, Thanked us for our work on her set, and picked up the tab for my whole crews dinner!

Moral of the story isn't always show gratitude and be generous, Rather make sure you have good taste in restaurants idf you want to treat your crew like POP ROYALTY!

This was an incredible legacy project to be a part of, and I will always remember how nice Miss Jackson Truly Is!

To see more Hit Making Music Video Content That I Directed and or Production Designed visit

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Jul 01, 2023

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