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Poetry nfts are finally here!!!

After years and years of waiting...

I love collecting original art, but can't alway afford the original... so i purchase lithographs of guaranteed limited number prints. the art is dope, but the value comes in the certificate of authenticity that states that no more duplications will be made of the piece once it's out.

After talking with the amazing team at popology, I'm excited to announce that in 2024 i will be releasing a whole truck load of intimate session recordings of reading poems that have never been released in this format.

if you're an art collector and are looking for fun art to add to your digital portfolio or meta space, i'm excited to be able to be at the forefront of this new industry standard for poetry nfts.

Seth walker poetry nfts will be available along with other poetry pros from around the world that will all come with exclusive recordings of the poem being read, the poem in written format, and the intimate story behind the inspiration and creation of the piece.

after nearly 20 years of being a professional artist, this is one of the most exciting thing's i've been able to be a part of.

follow this blog to stay up to date on the next step in poetry nfts and nft "poem trading cards".

Find out more about seth walker at:

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