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New artist alert: awol gaines is coming to popology in 2024

Awol gaines is the newest breakout artist in phoenix arizona's thriving hop-hop and R&B scene.

With his latest music video release at the end of 2023, awol Gaines is quickly earning his place in the rising stars of arizona's booming indie music scene.

"Angel in the sky" is a tribute song to a daughter that he almost had. after suffering the tragic loss of a miscarriage with his partner, he turned his pain to the pen and pad, then to the booth, then to the screen to bring about his transmutation of tragedy to this touching piece of visual and lyrical art.

be on the lookout for more to come from this artist as they prepare for their full length album to drop in mid 2024!

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Awol Gaines
Awol Gaines
Feb 06

Yo, Awol Gaines here and I am excited to be apart of this growing community. Check out my profile and follow me as I will follow you back!

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