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IPaintCreatures hires Seth Walker Poetry for new cartoon series

Infamous creator Tazuo Basho Yamaguchi has done it again!!!

Under the title of "i.P.C." (I paint creatures), "Taz" has made yet another breakthrough for the international art world!

From starting the haiku death match traditions within the national poetry slam community to mentoring young creators, Taz is known for being on the frontlines of pushing art into new worlds.

I.P.C. is now underway producing a new show that will combine recordings from both famous and infamous poets with animation, Japanese folk lore, puppets,

Seth walker poetry was officially announced as the voice of "Bojangles" who's an elixir mixer who keeps the drinks & other characters of matsu shaking and making joviality. This is the innovation that the poetry world has been waiting for.

"I see the character as a mix between uncle iroh from the tv series 'avatar the last air bender' & doctor teeth of the muppet band electric mayhem."

~Seth Walker poetry

Tazuo knows how to pick a poet, that's for sure. make sure and follow Ipaintcreatures for updates and sneak peak releases!

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
03 Şub

This is great news! Sharing on networks now!

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