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I Say To You Now...

”I say to you now, an 1/8th of an inch makes an inch...

& essentially a ruler. A Star is a part of the universe, it actually brings the light.

Wheels are a part of the car, in fact it is not a car without wheels, it is merely a room for sitting.

We are God in a finite measurement of individuality!

POPOLOGIST®! Strengthen your minds to be one with the ALL MIGHTY, not equal... yet a part of God.

My arm is my body. My mind and heart is my director of body.

POPULAR (endorsed by another) is the individual “like” before we count on the masses.

Grow up, and allow the deity to flow within you, without being insignificant, act as a born creator.

Everything else is rhetoric to maintain the small minds of another ego lush entity, to keep us small.

God exists because we say so. For this we are great.

This is my POPOLOGY®!

Do this in remembrance of you.”

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