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how it goes official video lil nittie ft. bad and lucky

Lil Nittie is a London-born artist that doesn’t want to be boxed. He has been actively writing, producing, featuring, and performing his music for the last 10 years. Lil Nittie has released several songs such as wedding ring and Why which has already created a buzz but he’s determined that he wants the world to hear his music. His motivation is all stemming from his passion for music and the way it allows him to express himself. Music is almost Lil Nitties’s therapy as his previous/current experiences greatly inspire his songs. As an upcoming artist, he is actively breaking the mold with his music which is created in such a way it can not be simply categorized. The elements of inspiration vary across genres and time which you can see come to play when listening to his songs. The most notable inspirations to Lil Nittie are some of the greatest musicians of time such as Micheal Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Travis Scott, …, … When speaking of such greats no two are the same. Still, if you know any of them well they are all varying in genre and overall the ways they display their musical talents which in turn adds a new flavor to the music scene within Lil Nittie’s expression.

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