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Everyday is holiday

it’s a holiday day

ipc Symphony poem/flo

it’s a billy holiday

a holy day

where i’m a mandelorian

saying this is the grateful way

to be in gratitude to be alive

where be like superfly

in a mayfield where curtis

left me this music

letting me know

it’s alright to have a good time tonight

to ignite all these industrial skyscrapers

with light and magic

with this de circus soulay music

where i am aladdin’s genie magic

to say open says me

like bennie

and the jets

a west side story

where they always asking me when i’m going to come down

when am i going to learn

that when you rage in the fire you burn

as i’m a pheonix

dancing out ashes making music

beatboxing like a bumble bee

floating like a butter fly mahammad dali

in a perfect way

kinda blue and david gray

miles high above

the city as this years love

to rockin into the new

where i be blue lou

marini a blues brother on ghostbuster duty

to let go of the ghost

and give it to the most - high

yes because i believe i can fly

touch the marmalade sky

where i love lucy

where i be like desi

dancing with laughing moves

in a bootsy collins groove

baby bubba on the double trouble

rays like stevie

and that mary little lamb

where it’s a man’s world

as it is nuthin without a woman

where i be like lady gaga

as i’m in compassion you don’t like ya

love yourself in good fortune in health

to put on another grand show

where i know

i land like peter pan

know i can fly above sharp hooks and alligators

to be optimus prime

opposing the decepticons with my genuine shine

leading all into time like

peter heinlen

who put a lens like ansel adam’s

to show the beauty of wilderness lands

where i’m like half dome

a lyrical yosemite full of funky flavored tones

parliament sister sledge family stone

bringing it all home

like san cook

the lyrical nutrients from the blue book

that knows my value my wordsworth

where i speak like kerouac

have rhythm like the way gift of gab rapped

or the way fed astaire tapped

into this imaginative source

where i be xavier right on that supernatural course

to regain the strength in my internal belief

to become a wide receiver

like jerry rice

i catch long range throws like capturing the light

in my paintings

where i be like thomas kik ade

i trick the light in the pinball wizards arcade

where i have to be the best

an outlaw - jesse james - wild wild west

to ride this halo

into where neil gaiman

i write out imaginative promised lands

where water gets sipheres from dry desert sands

to gallup on my camel

to know i was born an animal

only entertained by things other than the things we all by money

i be wild mountain honey

fly like an eagle - until i’m free

with a steve miller chicago blues melody

i invented the key

where i be like theadorus

i made it if you want in you gotta busta

rhyme and transcend space and time

especially gravity

and become the melody

an activity

where i become mr fantastic

playing the vibraphones in four four in this music

that raise the fiddler on the roof

to know the truth

is between the notes

where i rock the boat

like a wreck less sea

i’m moby dick like slick rick

putting a whale of a show

where dougie be fresh

and i be on a la di da outlaw quest

like where i be drawing sunsets in the west

to the dance i do like jamie hewlett

he first rendered tank girl

than rock the house world

like clint eastwood

i’ve taken all the deception in the hood

and planted van gogh sunflowers

with rainman showers

i don’t know

what i know

i just know all i’ve lived and experienced

like jacque estow

i grow when i flow

like the colorado

the mississippi

the nike

the rio grande

the sacramento

the euphrates

to how i’m like sun rah

i speak in light beams like the turkey in the straw

i be gobblin along

with a david bowie goblin song

as i just made my way

out of this labarenth

to regain my strength

made of me

sweet hector honey bee

yeah me

where i be


a big part

of we

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